Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

Hello Friends !! Today We Discuss About How To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life. If You Follow Given Below Steps Than You Are Able to Increase The Battery Backup of Your Laptop upto 40%

In Today's Life Technology becomes very advanced. Mobile and Laptops are the big source to connects with technology. High Budget Laptop Gives Average Battery Backup about 2-3 hours. Nowadays Battery Backup Of PC becomes very dull. But Android Makes Improvement day by day and Android Battery Runs till 1-2 days. But Sadly, PC Users Suffers This Problem .

So Related To Above Problem This Posts Are Giving 10 Tips and Tricks How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop. So Follow Given Below Steps And Increase Your Laptop Battery upto 40%


Given Below Tips are Not any Special Tricks But it is Related To The Settings Which is Already in Your Laptop

1. Don't Overcharge your Laptop

If We Overcharge Our Laptop's Battery then it's Damaged The Cells of Battery. Therefore Battery Backup Affected And Battery Backup Becomes Bad.

Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

So Pay Attention To Your Battery and Make Sure You Remove the Charger When Your Battery Reaches To 100%
This Trick Helps To Increase  Laptop Battery Life.

2. Check Your Laptop's Temperature 

If You Use Your Laptop On Some Hot Place Than It's More Chance That Your Laptop Becomes Heat Which Affects Badly Your Laptop. So Don't Use Laptop More Time On Some Hot Places.

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

3.Force Close Apps And Processes Running On Background

Turn Force Close Apps Which Are Running On Background And Kills Your Battery.
There are so many apps in our pc which are not so useful for us but they running continuously and drain the battery of laptop 
So Force Close This Apps And Processes By Follow Some Simple Steps Given Below.

1. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut to Open the Task Manager.

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

2. Go To Unwanted Apps And Right Click On It And Click End Task

3. That's It

4. Adjust Your Battery Settings In Laptop

This Is The Best Settings To Improve The Performance Of Your Battery and. You can Save This Settings To Adjust Your Battery Backup And Utilize It Properly.

Follow This Steps

1. Open Control Panel

2. Go To Hardware and Sound and than Power Options

3. Select Your Power Plan And Go TO Change Plan Settings

4. Do The Same Settings Arrangement As Given In Image

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

5. Enjoy!!

5. Always Use Original Charger

Charger Also Affects The Battery. If You Charge Your PC With Local Charger (Not A Company Charger) Then Your Battery Backup Becomes Poor

So Try To Always Charge With Original Charger.

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

This Trick Helps To Increase Laptop Battery Life.

6. Update Your System Software

Always Keep Your All Software Up to date Because If Your Software Is Outdated Then It Gives Slow Performance And Kills Your Battery Badly.
Therefore Keep Your Apps Up to date

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

7. Use System Hibernate To Increase Battery Life

Go To Control Panel and than Hardware and Sound and than Power Options
and Set Your System To Hibernate Mode.
This Settings Also Helps To Increase The Performance Of Your Battery Up to 20%

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

8. Clean Your Battery Pin

Battery Contact Pin Which Are Connected From Laptop Are Effect By Carbon.
So Remove The Battery And Clean The Unwanted Carbons To Improve The Performance Of Your Battery.

9. Use Battery Saver Apps

Use Battery Saver Tools To Improve The Draining Of Your Laptop's Battery because They Manage the Usage Of Battery, Optimize Battery and Improve The Health Of Battery.

Search On Google "Tools For Saving My Battery" You Got Many Results To Download And Optimize Your Battery.

10. Increase Your System RAM

If Your PC's RAM is Less, then Your PC Takes So Much Time To Perform Any Task and Consuming So Much Battery. 

Therefore By Increase Your PC'S RAM System Works Fast and Your Battery is Also Optimize. 

Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

This Trick Helps To Increase Battery Life.

So If You Follow Above Given Steps Than Your Battery Issue Is Solve and These all above Tricks Helps To Increase Battery Life.

If you like This Post Stay tuned guys for more Tech Related Posts like this. If you have any queries feel free to ask and comment in comments section below.

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