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What is Motherboard

What Is Motherboard

Firstly, Know About What Is Motherboard

A Motherboard Is A Printed Electronic Circit Board which is commonly known as Main Board OR System Board which connects all parts of computer like CPU, PCI, RAM etc...

Basically Its designed by Plastic and its layer is covered by Aluminium and Copper.
Motherboard is Important Part Of Computer and All Works of Computer is depends on Motherboard.

What is Motherboard

Types Of Motherboard

Motherboard is made up of many parts which consists of Processor, RAM, CPU etc..
Generally In CPU all parts except DVD Drive, Hard Disk, Fan are connected with motherboard i.e. some main parts are :

• Power Supply 

Power is the main component of computer. In the right side of motherboard there is 20-24 with a power connector.
This is the main source by which power supply is given to conputer

• Processor Socket

Processor Socket consists of Processor (Intel i3,i5 processor).
Processor Is the brain of computer therefore it's fixed at the centre of computer

What is Motherboard

• Memory Slot (RAM Slot)

There is memory slot in all computers but it's differ as computer. In old computers there is only DDR Slot but nowadays DDR3 slots and DDR4 slots are connected with right side of motherboard.

• Ports

Ports are present for PS2, USB Ports, RJ - 45 Port LAN (Ethernet), VGA Port, 9 Pin Serial Port, Audio Port and MIDI Port.

What is Motherboard

Motherboard Types 

Nowadays, technology becomes very advanced and motherboard also become very advanced.
Motherboard changes with Time and Design. In market there is very advanced motherboards which are used for many portable things.

What is Motherboard

Motherboard is classicaly divided on two parts 

• AT Motherboards

• ATX Motherboards

AT Motherboards used before(in 90s) but nowadays ATX Motherboards are used and becomes Advanced day by day.

What is Motherboard

Top Gaming Motherboards in INDIA

In this list there is top gaming motherboard which are especially designed for games.

If you want to take great experience while playing PC games like PUBG then you want best gaming motherboards then try these

• ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 2

• ASRock H370M Pro 4

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