What is Computer and Types Of Computer

Today we discuss what is computer and how many types of computers are there? In today's advanced and high tech world there is hardly anybody who does not know about computers. So let's start.

What is a computer and Types Of Computer

A computer is an electronic machine, and it works on Input-Process-Output. That is, it is an electronic machine that works on the principle of Input-Process-Output. This is called a computer. The term computer is taken with the word computing which means the calculation.
It only follows the instructions that are already inserted inside them. It executes only commands directed by a program. Whenever any data inputs inside it, it processes with the help of software and gives output.
It consists of two things that are hardware and software. The person operating on this is called a computer operator or a user. And for those who create a program, it is called a programmer

Types of Computer Hardware

All parts of this electronic machine-like keyboard, monitor, CPU or all the things that we can touch by hands are called hardware. It has been divided into three parts.
  •  Input Device
  •  Central Processing Unit (C.P.U.)
  •  Output Device

1- Input Device

Part of the computer that inputs data for processing in a user computer. Like Keyboard, mouse, touch pen site.

2- Central Processing Unit (C.P.U)

This is the brain of the computer, and by this, it completes all its logical, and mathematical operations. And also store data and according to the user, they easily reuse the data.

3- Output Device

After the data processing is given to the computer by the Input Device, the hardware device that receives the user processed data as output is called the output device. Like Monitor, Speaker, Printer, Plotter, etc.

Computer Software

 The parts that we can see but we can not touch them with our hands, they are called software. There are also two types of this.
  •  System Software
  •  Application Software

1- System Software

System software brings the status of working after any computer is turned on. Its main task is to reconcile between the hardware and application software so that the user can easily complete all of their work on the application software. Windows, macOS, Linux is the most popular system software at this time.

2- Application Software

The software used to carry out everyday tasks, type of surfing, surfing the internet, making charts, etc. functions. They are called application software. Every application software is made to do a particular task. Like letter pad for Wordpad, msWord, ms-paint for painting, Photoshop for photo editing and more.

Types of Computer or Computer Types

What is Computer and Types Of Computer

Now we will talk about how many types it is. The computer is divided into two bases.
  •  Based on Structure Structure
  • Based on performance and size work capacity

1- Based on Structure structure

Based on this, the computer has been divided into three parts.
  •  Analog
  •  Digital
  •  Hybrid

What is an analog computer

Such machines use a ruler to show the physical quantities by measuring the temperature, pressure, length, height, and such a computer is called an analog computer. They are used in the field of science and engineering.

b-Digital computer

The machines that do all their work as Digit and give output as Digit called a digital computer. These zeroes and forest work on two digits also called binary number systems. All the computers, mobile, tablets we use nowadays are all digital.

c-Hybrid computer

Hybrid and digital both the properties of the computer are called hybrid computers. This type of computer is used in the medical field.

2- Based on performance and size on the basis of work efficiency

Based on the performance or size we can explain them in 4 parts.
  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Mainframe
  •  Super

1- What is a microcomputer?

In this type of computer, the microprocessor is used. That's why it's called a microcomputer. Their size is so small. They can be used by putting them on a study table or using them in the lap. This is a single user device.

2- What is the mini computer?

It is faster and smaller than the micro. These are called CPU. They process the data very fast. The usage of a mini-computer is for ticket booking and banking.

3- What is the mainframe computer?

These mini-computers work much faster and faster. These sizes are larger than mini and they are used by banks, railway reservations, government departments, and big companies. These are the troubles of tasking.

What is Computer and Types Of Computer

4- What is a supercomputer?

These computers are quite large in size. The ability to process data in comparison to others is quite high. This is multiuser and Multitasking. They are used to control satellites, nuclear reactors, missiles, etc. SahasraT (SERC - Cray XC40), Aaditya (iDataPlex DX360M4), TIFR - Cray XC30, HP Apollo 6000 Xl230 / 250, PARAM Yuva - II, Cluster Platform SL230s Gen8, Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c Gen8, iDataPlex DX360M4, Cluster Platform SL250s Gen8 are the examples of the supercomputer.

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