50 Interesting Science Facts That Nobody Knows

Facts about Science

1)  Did You Know If a human's DNA is completely opened, it will be so long that we will be able to measure the distance from Pluto to the Sun, and then from Pluto to the Sun.

50 Interesting Science Facts That Nobody Knows

2) Did You Know When we sneak, it travels at a speed of 100 miles per hour.

3) Did You Know Dehika (Flea) can jump 130 times higher than his height. So if Flea was a 6-foot tall man, he would have jumped 780 feet comfortably, without any superpower!

4) Did You Know An electric balm fish (electric eel) can generate up to 650 volts of electricity. Touch it and get the biggest shock of your life!

5) Did You Know  It takes 40,000 years for photons to reach the surface of the Sun from the middle of the Sun. But only 8 minutes from the surface of the Sun to the Earth.

Earth science facts

6) Did You Know  The age of the Earth is 4 to 5 billion years. The Sun and the Moon are also similar.

7) Did You Know  Our earth is made of iron, carbon, silicon and some magnesium, not just humans!

8) Did You Know Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has 21 percent oxygen in the atmosphere and water on the surface.

9) Did You Know Earth's surface is made up of tectonic plates that float on the rocky mantle between the Earth's core and the surface. This is the reason earthquakes occur on Earth and volcanoes also burst. That is, the whole earth is not a piece of land, but is made up of many pieces!

10) Did You Know There are about 8.7 million types of living species on the earth. 2.2 million of which are found only in the oceans.

50 Interesting Science Facts That Nobody Knows

11) Did You Know Three-fourths of the earth is water. That's why when astronauts saw the Earth from space, they saw it mostly blue and named it 'Blue Planet'.

12) Did You Know It takes 450 years for plastic to decompose while glass needs some 4,000 years!

13) Did You Know We cut 27,000 trees per day just to make toilet paper.

14) Did You Know Out of the total water present on earth, 97 percent is salty and 2 percent is frozen. Because of this, we have only 1 percent of water to drink!

15) Did You Know The meat industry contributes most to global warming. Cutting of trees comes in second place. About 68 percent of the plants will become extinct.

16) Did You Know The world population is slightly more than 7 billion and it is estimated that it will increase to 8 billion by 2025.

17) Did You Know 99 percent of the species that have ever lived on Earth have already gone extinct.

Animal science facts

18) Did You Know Octopus has three hearts! Strange isn't it?

19) Did You Know Do you know? Shrimp (lobster) makes urine from their face and the tortoise can breathe through their hips (butt)!

20) Did You Know Sea horses do not have females, but males give birth to babies!

21) Did You Know Kakapo bird has a very strong rancid smell. Hunters are attracted to it due to the smell. It is critically endangered.

22) Did You Know Squirrels tend to be more trees than an average human in their lifetime. They hide their walnuts and oak fruits from the ground!

23) Did You Know The lioness is 90 percent hunted. The lion comes forward only when the lioness needs his help.

Plant science facts

24) Did You Know Like humans, tree plants also recognize and care for their siblings.

25) Did You Know There are 80,000 kinds of plant food species on earth, of which we eat only 30.

26) Did You Know Man is constantly destroying forests. We have destroyed 80% of the forest.

27) Did You Know The oldest living tree in the world is in California, which is 4,843 years old.

28) Did You Know The world's tallest tree is also in California. Its height is 379.1 feet.

29) Did You Know The world's largest animal is also a tree, which is in Utah. It weighs 6,000 tons.

Space science facts

30) Did You Know The whole space is very quiet because there is no medium for the voice to travel.

50 Interesting Science Facts That Nobody Knows

31) Did You Know The size of the Earth is nothing compared to the Sun. Earth is 300,000 times smaller than the Sun!

32) Did You Know Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. It's surface temperature is 450 ℃.

33) Did You Know Our weight is dependent on gravity. Suppose the weight is 91kg. So on Mars, you will only be 35kg because the force of gravity on Mars is less than the Earth. That means you are not fat, just on the wrong planet!

34) Did You Know The moon has no atmosphere of its own. So there is no air or water to erase footprints on astronauts moon. Due to this, those footprints can remain there for 100 million years.

35) Did You Know The temperature of the Sun's core is 15 million ℃.

Facts related to Famous scientists

36) Did You Know Einstein understood things slowly. But he was very talented. Therefore, posthumously too, his mind was kept safe so that it could be understood more.

37) Did You Know It was earlier believed that the Earth is located in the middle of the solar system and all other planets revolve around it. Copernicus was the first scientist who disagreed and said that the earth revolved around the sun.

38) Did You Know Leonardo da Vinci was not only a painter, but he was also a mathematician, scientist, artist, writer, and musician!

39) Did You Know Archimedes gave the principle of displacement. They found this tab tight when they were taking a bath in the tub. He was so happy that he started running screaming "Eureka Eureka" without thinking that he had not worn anything!

40) Did You Know Marie Curie, who discovered radium from uranium, was the first scientist to have received two Nobel Prizes.

Technological science facts

41) Did You Know The first video game was developed in 1967 and was called a "brown box" because it looked like a brown box.

42) Did You Know The world's first computer, "ENIAC", was 27 tons, and was as big as a hall.

43) Did You Know Internet and World Wide Web (www) are two different things.

44) Did You Know Today scientists are showing interest in robotics and also working on them. But Leonardo da Vinci had sketched a plan to build a robot in 1495 itself!

45) Did You Know "Camera Obscura" is a camera-like device, which played an important role in the invention of the modern camera. In ancient times, the Chinese and Greeks used it to create a screen image.

50 Interesting Science Facts That Nobody Knows

46) Did You Know Methane gas is made from plant waste, which is then produced as electricity! Hanna an interesting thing?

Engineering science facts

47) Did You Know The highest bridge in the world, "Millau Viaduct" is in France whose height is 1000 feet. It is supported by beams and cables.

48) Did You Know Palm Island in Dubai is an engineering marvel in itself. These islands are man-made, and float on water.

49) Did You Know The world's largest particle accelerator is in Geneva. It has been made by 10,000 scientists. It is located in a tunnel under the ground.

50) Did You Know Chandra Bhedsala (Observatory) is the largest X-ray telescope. It is the largest satellite sent into space.

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