Hi, Are You Know the Difference between Stock Rom and Custom Rom?
If you are an Android Mobile user, then you must have thought about upgrading the Android version of Android Mobile, then you must have heard about Stock Rom and Custom Rom but Can you tell me what is the difference between Stock ROM and Custom ROM in android, what is the difference between these two, should we upgrade our phone from Custom ROM to Stock ROM, Stay With Our blog and you definitely find out the answers of above questions.

To upgrade the Android version of your Android mobile, you must have searched in Google (how to upgrade KitKat version to Lolipop, Marshmallow to nougat and nougat to android oreo) or if your Android mobile version is Lollipop, then you thought of upgrading to Marshmallow Or if you have Marshmallow Android version in your phone, then you might have thought of upgrading to Nougat but you really nothing found any answer useful, So, Basically let to know what is Stock Rom and Custom Rom? What is the difference between these two?

What is a Stock ROM? What is Stock Rom in Details


Stock ROM is an original ROM that is already inserted in your mobile, such as KitKat Android version, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Oreo, etc. Whatever your mobile has inserted, we call it a Stock ROM. Original ROM is when you get a new phone, whatever Android version you get with it in mobile, it is called Stock ROM, this ROM is made by Google company and there are many less chances that you find any kind of bug (Bug) or if there is any type of error found than Don't Worry, Google Updates fix the error.

What is Custom ROM? What is Custom Rom in Details


Custom ROM, A third party ROM that is created by any developer that you install in your mobile yourself and to install it, you have to root your mobile i.e. all the features you will get in this ROM are all customized and this customization is done by developers, who made the ROM. In such case, there can be any kind of error or bug in this custom ROM and in most custom ROMs you have an error or problem of a function, so in custom ROM you will get many errors and bugs. (Bug) is available and once you install this ROM, then you cannot fix this error or bug, then for this you will have to install another ROM, whereas you will not find all these inside the stock ROM. Stock ROM was developed by the developer of the Google company, which is error-free means of it somehow bug or not an error. Let us have come to know the difference between Stock ROM and Custom ROM.

Difference between Stock ROM and Custom ROM? Basic Difference between stock ROM and custom ROM

  • The stock ROM is made by the developer of Google company, which we can also call the original ROM, while the custom ROM is made by any developer who has knowledge of coding.

  • Installing Stock ROM in the mobile keeps your mobile warranty, while if you install a custom ROM on your mobile, then the warranty of your mobile will be terminated.


  • In stock ROM, you have very few chances that even if you find an error or bug in the coding, there is a bug in the coding, then by fixing it, Google sends you updates while any developer in the custom ROM (Custom Rom) changes accordingly. So, you get a lot of errors and bugs in it and once installed, you cannot fix its error.

  • Stock Rom is made by Google, so we can rely on their security while custom ROMs can be created by the developer, so their security cannot be trusted.

  • In stock ROM you cannot delete inbuilt Android apps that are already installed in the mobile, whereas within the custom ROM you can uninstall any type of mobile apps (Mobile Should be Rooted).

  • In stock ROM you can not customize the font style while you can customize it in custom ROM.

  • Stock ROM is safe while if you install a custom ROM, it can cause your mobile phone to be Brick or even dead if you install the wrong ROM in the wrong way.
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