Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Free Digital Marketing Course\
Hey, are you looking on the internet where I can get the best “Digital marketing” course free with a certificate?  Now you are in the right place, here you will find that you can learn Digital Marketing course free and get a Google certificate from Google.

In this article, I will solve all your queries related to Digital Marketing like these what is the importance of this course? 

 Why will a Digital Marketing Course be beneficial to you or why you should learn it? How many opportunities/scope in this course?  Which is the best platform to learn this course? How much money you can earn after learning Digital Marketing? 

These are some questions/queries which everyone thinks. Now let’s solve all of the queries one by one but before it let’s take a brief introduction of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

In very simple words Digital Marketing is a way to educate you about how you can do marketing offline to online. It is valuable assets to your business/firm/company to make their presence online or establish and increase awareness of your business online
It is the way to grow your business. In this course, you will be aware of how all the big companies and big firms are shifting their business with online advertising. In this course, you will learn what are the activities to be to shifting a business/firm to online?

What is the importance of this course?

As we all know that everything is online now, everybody going their business online so that is why the importance of Digital Marketing increasing day by day here I am sharing some important and effective point to best describe the importance of Digital Marketing:-

  • ·         Reaches people easily where they spend their time and money
  • ·         By Digital Marketing we can target the specific audience which is interested
  • ·         Better Growth Options for Small business
  • ·         Potential to earn higher revenues
  • ·         Awareness of Online Advertising

Why will a Digital Marketing Course be beneficial to you or Why you should learn it?
As per the online world, we can see everything is digital and online, we always search or find us a suitable professional course which will make your career and make a profitable passion.
This is the best course for an enthusiastic person because you can learn and become aware of yourself about Digital Learning. Here are some points you can read and get why you should learn it. 
  • ·         High Demand for Digital Marketers
  • ·         Great Growth Prospects
  • ·         Start Your Own Business (or Promote the Existing One)
  • ·         Get Better Pay
  • ·         A Technical and Creative Field
  • ·         Digital Media adoption growth
  • ·         Growth Internet-based business
  • ·         Talent gap for skilled digital marketing professionals
  • ·         Digital marketing spends growth

There are the only few points to describe why you should start now going to another query.
 How much potential/opportunities/scope in this course?
As we all know that everyone is online now by access to their cheap data and affordable smartphones, Most of the people are increasing daily usage of internet and push to you go-to online.

Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Internet Users 

 It means any company, business and firms want to connect then they can connect, engage and connect with them potentially and brand awareness of your product service through online channels. That process is done by Digital Marketer So that’s is why it is so important to learn it. In that are not a single of the post of Digital Marketer it contains lots of opportunities to make your career better. You can look in the image.

Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Digital Marketing: Positon
Now the main and most important question of this article is that 
Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Google Digital Garage
Which is the best platform/place to learn this course?
Guys after knowing it how is digital marketing course important for everyone, the question is rasing in front of us “where should learn this course?”

In the local area and standard area, we can learn this course easily but its fee is so high most of the person can afford it but everyone cannot. So that’s why I’m here to telling you the best place to learn this course easily and after complete the whole course you can get Digital marketing certification from Google. Everyone knows about Google that is why this certification’s value increases automatically.

Name of that Google’s platform is “Google Digital Garage”. 
Google Digital Garage is a non-profitable nationwide programme where you can learn Digital Skills online. It provides you with an online training plan where you can learn Digital Marketing online and it will totally free with Google Certificate.

Here you will find free online courses and learn many things like many searches engines, marketing strategies, business strategy fundamentals of digital marketing, content marketing and Google analytics. They all are the certification course you have completed the course then you have to give certification exams then you can get certificate easily and the important thing is that they all are free courses. 

In the real-world, no one will give these valuable courses into free and with Certification of Google.

Steps to Sign Up and learn from Google Digital Garage
1.   First, go to the Google Digital Garage 

Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate

2.   Click on Register button and Sing up with Google Account/Gmail Account.
Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Free Digital Marketing course with Google certificate 

3.   Then click on your left upper corner on the Digital Marketing button as like the image.

Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Click on Digital Marketing 

      4. Then click the fundamental of Digital Marketing after start the course to click the start button.

Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate
Start the Course 

 After starting the course you will find 26 modules in this course and one by one you have to watch and complete video and after completing one module you will get the badges.

After completing the whole course then the Programmed will give certification exam and you have to crack that exam to get the certification from Google. It will be very simple in that exam you will find MCQ that will show how much did you learn from the module. 

But I’m hoping you will crack the small exam and get a certificate of your name from Google like that.

Free Digital Marketing course with Google Certificate


I hope friends, you understood very well it will really learnable and demanding course and you can learn easily from Google Digital Garage and make your profession of it.

If will find any queries while learning or any doubts from on it you can comment to me. I will definitely solve your queries or doubts. 

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